Monday, 29 June 2015



Welcome back to That Kitsch Itch the official blog of Kitsch Itch Toys;  the UKs home for retro and vintage toys, check us out at,, or, there’s pretty much something for everyone there with new stock going online more or less daily.

Okay so here we go, it’s on late again, so here we go again with the excuses, the issue is I’ve been away and have only just managed to finish catching up on the messages, emails and tweets, I know it’s no excuse, but it does mean I have a couple of big announcements coming up. Firstly that I am scheduled to appear on an episode of krytie TV over on talking all things Red Dwarf, we are setting up the recording times as we speak. I’ll probably speak more about this in the future. The second big announcement is that Kitsch Itch Toys is going back to Leeds, September 19th I believe it is, for Collectorabilia from retro events ( ) which should be much more up my street. There have been other little things going on too, but none that I can make a big showy announcement for on here yet.

Also the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the top ten underrated Disney films list did not appear on Friday, well I did warn about being crazy busy, and that it might get put back a week. It wasn’t going to be though, I got it all scripted and ready to record but then a hero of mine, Patrick Macnee, passed away and I recorded a brief thing for him instead, I wasn’t in the mood to be jovial then, as you can probably tell if you’ve seen the video, so that’s going up this Friday. I will talk more about Patrick Macnee later too, as I’m planning a proper video tribute to him on top of the usual content.

That brings us on to what I told you last week I’d talk about, and that’s Action Photos. Now action photos is going to be a gallery on or at least on a website linked to it if not. It’s going to feature photos of action figures, mostly ones in stock, in action scenes or even in gifs. They’ll post to the facebook page too, in fact I’ve got one on there that is essentially what I mean, and a few will crop up on twitter too. They’re just a little bit of entertainment from a toy fan like myself, hopefully they will be artistic and interesting, though really I’ll be going for exciting and awesome, some may be captioned, while others may be multipart stories. Hopefully eventually I’ll be able to add submissions to it to make some even more epic scenes and another fun way to interact with the site. I mean it’s not like I don’t have enough to do on top of that. Still if you’ve seen my YouTube videos you know how much I like playing with photos, and if you haven’t seen my YouTube videos there are links all over the place.

That about wraps it up for today though, next week, unless something else comes up or in, I’ll probably either be talking Patrick Macnee or Red Dwarf, so if you’re a fan of either of them stay tuned. Other than that remember to check us out on facebook (, Twitter (, YouTube ( and of course and until next time,


Monday, 22 June 2015

Countdown to Countdown


Welcome back to the official blog of Kitsch Itch Toys, the UKs home for retro and vintage toys, check us out at or there’s pretty much something for everyone there with new stock going online more or less daily.

So last week I talked about trading at my first con in Leeds. I was expecting to gush about it this week, saying how well we’d done and how I was looking forward to the next one. Unfortunately it didn’t work out like that for me, it was all about the comics at that one. Now I love comics, ten years ago I’d have probably spent a ton there getting missing back issues, but I don’t love the fact that comic collectors didn’t seem willing to part with much cash for toys that day. It was a great event that I would recommend to any comic book collector but it just isn’t my market, shame really. Still some good contacts were made and I enjoyed the experience, I have learnt a lot from it too, like how to set out my stock, so far from a total loss. Plus I might have struck a deal to bring a whole load more stock to Kitsch Itch Toys without costing me the Earth (but meaning I won’t get much profit back either because it’s a commission situation)

So what next, well I’ll be booking onto more shows in the coming weeks, so look out for announcements about that, but the immediate plan is to set up an ebay shop to help broaden the amount of people Kitsch Itch can reach, I’m also going to look into the amazon market place, but I don’t know enough about that yet. Expect me to have added another link to the opening paragraph next week to show off this store. The best thing about an ebay store is that I can actually use it to bring people to the main site, which is always my main objective really. So that’s my excitement for this week, keep watching  for more on how it’s going and then be back here next Monday for more details.

On top of the ebay shop though I’m adding something else to the Kitsch Itch family and that’s top ten countdowns. Over on my youtube channel you will already find a few countdowns, but they are an irregular thing at the moment, I want to make them something more regular. Now I’m already releasing one video a week on there (every Wednesday there’s something new) but I will be releasing countdowns fortnightly on a Friday. I intend to start this week with a countdown based on my picks for the most underrated Disney films, though circumstance may push this back to next week. So that’ll be a blog here on a Monday, a new review/haul/misc video on a Wednesday and a top ten on a Friday, plus all the new stock on the website and my other big project action photos, though I’m going to talk more about them next week. Soon Kitsch Itch Toys will be taking over the whole world.

I think that more or less wraps things up for this week, a little disparate perhaps with mostly housekeeping but hopefully it entertained at least a little while it informed. Remember to check us out on facebook (, Twitter (, YouTube ( and of course and until next time,


Monday, 15 June 2015

On The Road Again


Welcome to this week’s edition of That Kitsch Itch, the official blog of Kitsch Itch Toys, the UK’s home to retro and vintage toys. After last week’s rant, I’m pleased to say I’m in a much better mood today.  The computer is working fine, the facebook ads are boosting site traffic, I’ve got most of my stock organised for easy transport and I’m getting more and more convention and collector fair bookings. All in all, that means that now is a great time to jump aboard at and see what all the fuss is about.

In fact I want to chat a little today about conventions. I’ve got my first one as a trader coming this Saturday (20th June), it’s a Sci Fi, Comic and Card Fair in Leeds, if you’re in the area of the Leeds Town Hall on Saturday you should check it out, come by and say hello.  Of course it’s not the first one I’ve been to, I’m a veteran of the local collector’s fairs and mini cons we get in these parts leading to meeting Darth Vader, Doctor Who’s version of Winston Churchill and plenty of other interesting people that either had books to shill or were just selling their autographs. I think my favourite was Toby Philpott, he was one of the people who worked as a puppeteer for Jabba the Hut (as well as a lot of other jobs with Jim Henson) and had worked as a clown, a juggler and lots of other things, he works as a librarian now. He’s led a fascinating life and he was great to chat to, spent about half an hour chatting with him and would love to chat with him again. If you get the chance to meet him you should check him out.

Another top moment for me in terms of convention attending came a couple of years ago with my father. My car was in the garage getting a little work done and he agreed to give me a lift there. He’s not quiet the collector I am, in fact he general thinks these sorts of things don’t really have any value and doesn’t approve of Kitsch Itch Toys, but he does enjoy shows like Doctor Who and when he were a lad he had a big comic book collection so there is hope for him, he enjoys looking at the items for sale at these events even if he wouldn’t buy them himself. Still he is a little, shall we say straight laced, he spends most of his time in a proper business suit and thinks pretending to be bigoted is funny. That’s why it was so funny to see his reaction to the cosplayers. Now I’m a part time actor (another pursuit he doesn’t approve of) so I really enjoy dressing up, if I had the budget or the sawing skills I would probably be a cosplayer myself, in fact I’m probably going to pop an RPM Morpher on my arm in Leeds and claim I’m in costume. My father on the other hand… It’s always so much fun to watch an accountant try not to freak out while surrounded by Poison Ivy, The Joker, Thor, a team of Ghostbusters and so many other absolutely awesomely realised characters. He’s meant to be coming with me to Leeds too, should be interesting, hope there are lots of cosplayers, but then I was hoping that before he was coming.

Last thing I want to say is I’ve just got my hands on a bunch of tins of Disney Winkeez, they are awesome things and they have just gone up on be sure to check them out before they sell out. Don’t forget about my YouTube channel ( new videos go up at least every Wednesday, the latest one is looking at my Ultimate DC Team so comic book fans should certainly check it out. And be back here in seven to see how Leeds went and here the latest gossip, news and excitement from Kitsch Itch Toys.


Monday, 8 June 2015

I Hate Technology!


Welcome to this weeks –LATE- instalment of That Kitsch Itch, the blog from Kitsch Itch Toys; the UKs home for retro and vintage toys. Visit us at check out my YouTube page at .com/woolicane and follow me on twitter @woolicane. So that’s the shilling out the way now on to this week’s main topic.

I admit that this week’s title may be a little strong, I don’t actually hate technology, what I hate is technology when it’s not working, which is most of the time it seems. Phone’s that need charging twice a day, tablets that crash because they’re half full and computers that, well that just die. If you hadn’t guessed this is why this is late going up, I’ve had some major computer problems, problems that have led to me having to borrow a computer just to get this up at all. Something of an issue for someone running an internet business.

I blame iTunes, I’m probably being unfair, but I do. I downloaded it yesterday onto my computer and instantly things started going wrong. Subtle ways at first, my computer slowed down, iTunes store couldn’t connect to the internet. Annoying yes, but not life changing or even work threatening. Then came this morning, that’s when things changed. It was taking a lot longer to boot up, especially considering its one of these lightning quick solid state drives, and then it wouldn’t connect to the internet. Nothing I did helped it, I tried turning it off and on again, nothing, I followed a load of instructions found on the internet (which helped me get rid of some malware), still no internet. Finally I managed to make it to the set up screen and restored my settings. I really thought that was going to work. Now the computer won’t boot up at all. Oh and I’ve only had the dam thing since February.

What this means is I may be about to lose a load of photos that I was going to use for the site, a few videos that featured stock walkthroughs and who knows how much other work. Nothing on it that’s irreplaceable, just inconvenient to replace, especially with no computer to replace it on. It also means that I can’t edit down the photos I do still have to upload onto the site or the facebook page, which is even more annoying, I want to move along but the tech won’t let me. –Oh by the way check out Kitsch Itch Toys on facebook and drop us a like, it does us loads of good- So instead of spending the day reviewing my new Amazing Spider-Man figure I just got in (along with a few others for that series still boxed) and photographing and uploading more stock I spent the day failing to fix something that shouldn’t have gone wrong yet, and in the end handing it over to the IT department of my accountant, yes really.

This was not the blog I was intending to write today, I wanted to talk about films that got kid friendly toy lines that probably shouldn’t, you know the likes of Terminator 2 and Robocop, it’d be like the upcoming Deadpool movie getting its own line of Mashers. I also wanted to talk about the upcoming cons Kitsch Itch Toys will be at, I’ll save that for next week though where it gets enough space. The last thing I want to mention is Eon Quest it’s a kick starter that I’m supporting and it’s coming to an end, get in while you can, I want that graphic novel here at Kitsch Itch Toys. I think that’s enough of a rant for this week, pop in to , or I need a good cheer up.


Monday, 1 June 2015



Welcome to this week’s instalment of That Kitsch Itch, the official blog of Kitsch Itch Toys, the UKs home for retro and vintage toys from the ‘70s to today. The store is now officially open, though due to unforeseen illness the big social network push has had to be delayed until this week. Expect lots of stuff being posted across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the forums and who knows where else. The invasion begins in ernest. In the meantime don’t forget to check out  

As exciting as that is though what I really want to talk to you about today is Doctor Who. This probably isn’t a shocking choice of topic if you’ve read the title, but it is one very close to my heart. That’s right I’m a Doctor Who fan, I’ve been a Whovian since well before that term was in common usage. I remember watching the show when I was seven and Sylvester McCoy was the man with the TARDIS key (now that’s giving away my age). I remained a huge fan during those dark, dark years when it was off telly, or at least it was only there in reruns. I was one of those there cheering and jumping for joy when Russel T Davis returned the show to our screens bringing Christopher Eccelston out as Doctor number 9. And I’m still here now eagerly anticipating its return for the new series, even if I’m not such a fan of Clara. If you want more on my problems with her check out my reviews of the last series over on my YouTube page ( but that’s not what I want to talk about here, I want this to remain upbeat and positive, let’s just say I have issues with the character and how she’s written, I think Jenna Coleman is a very good actress.

When the series came back though it went from being this classic cult series to totally mainstream. It was a proper hit series, to much rejoicing from old school fans such as me even if there were a lot of differences that us classic series fans sometimes like to moan about, it even cracked America. Now this was a show that cranked out a tone of merchandise even when it was off the air, this went into overdrive when it became the smash hit it still is now. Alongside so many other great items, toy company, Character brought out some amazing five inch scale figures and we’ve just got a load of them in at Kitsch Itch Toys. What did you think I was talking about one of my great passions just for fun, no this is still going to tie back to new stock that I’m excited about sharing with you. The figures we’ve currently got in stock include the incredibly popular Tenth Doctor, the first New Who companion Rose, spinoff superstar Captain Jack Harkness as well as a bunch of awesome monsters such as the Slitheen, a pair of Autons, an awesome looking (and massive) warewolf and even a Cyberman. As well as a load of loose figures I have also managed to get my hands on a box set from series four comprising of companion dark horse Donna, the base breaker River Song and the Narrator who, in David Tennant’s last story, turned out to be…

Sorry I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. If you can’t tell I’m pretty excited about getting these figures in. I’m a huge fan of the show and a huge fan of these figures. Some of them might not even find their way to the site because I might sneak them into my Doctor Who display. Watch this space for more on that dilemma. Either way I think this just about finishes this week’s post, if you want to chat more about the Doctor and his adventures feel free to message me on the contact page of and check out the other stuff on sale there too.  Until next time.